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What is the Premium Saver?

The Premium Saver is an employer sponsored group supplemental insurance plan which is designed to help reduce the cost of group medical coverage. Combining the Premium Saver with certain major medical plans can deliver coverage groups want and can afford.

How does the Premium Saver pay claims? It's simple!

The Premium Saver pays off of the underlying major medical plan EOB, and it pays benefits directly to the provider. When the insured goes in-network they always receive the carrier's in-network discounts.

Premium Saver Details

Premium Saver Plan Highlights

  • Electronic Claims Payment
  • A-Rated Carriers
  • Consistent Underwriting (Rating factors not changed in 10 years)
  • Group Enrollment Tools (Videos, Marketing Material, Group Portal)
  • Seamless Coverage
  • Average Group Savings of 8-12%
  • No Employee Applications
  • No Census Necessary
  • Additional Commissions