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Self-funding a high-deductible major medical plan is an option to consider in today's climate

While this solution won’t work for all groups, teaming with a self-funded high-deductible plan, stop-loss insurance, and Premium Saver can be a winning strategy leading to deeper savings.

Affordable Care Act Provisions that do not apply to self-funding:

  1. No medical loss ratio requirement
  2. No community rating requirements
  3. No Health Insurance Carrier Tax

Presenting the potential savings of self-funding with Premium Saver to your clients will help you stand out from other brokers. Shop self-funded plans in your state to find the best self-funded high-deductible major medical plan which can be used with Premium Saver. This combination can reduce employer cost while generating significant Premium Saver commissions for you.

About the Author

Ryan Eaton is the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Morgan White Group. He has spent over 15 years with MWG in sales, management, or leadership roles. He currently manages a sales team that markets insurance products to over 22,000 agents in all 50 states. He is a husband and father of two boys and enjoys anything outdoors: sports, hunting, fishing, cooking out, and leading a father son Christian fellowship in his community.