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How to File a Premium Saver Claim

The easiest and best way to receive benefits is to let the provider file the claim for you. Please make sure you give your provider your Premium Saver insurance card when you give them your major medical card. Providers ask for proof of secondary insurance. Premium Saver is your secondary insurance.

If the insured chooses to file the Premium Saver claim, no claim form is required. Simply follow these steps:

  1. The insured’s claim is filed against their major medical carrier.
  2. The insured’s major medical company will provide the insured with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) when they make payment to the provider. The EOB describes the procedures covered, facility used, benefits paid and the amount applied to the insured’s deductible, coinsurance or copays.
  3. The insured should ask their doctor and/or hospital to provide them with a statement that includes the provider’s name, address, and tax I.D. number.
  4. The insured will then send the EOB and the provider statement to MWG Administrators at, Fax: 601-956-1147, or call 888-888-2519.

Premium Saver Two-Card System Reminder

In order to make Premium Saver an effective product for our members, we must make sure they are fully educated on the product. Do they understand their benefits? Do they know how to utilize the 2-card system every time they visit a provider? This knowledge should start with you as the agent.